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Matty Jones on what it takes to be the ideal candidate...

almost 5 years ago by Georgie Lwpr

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Matty Jones has been with Venture Contracts since the start. Having worked as a general labourer before entering the world of construction recruitment, he knows what’s really required in the ideal candidate and how to make the most  of the opportunities presented to you….

What was your job before joining Venture Contracts?

Before Venture I worked on site for an agency as a CSCS General labourer. I used to travel 60 miles to Birmingham and back every day. My general duties included assisting trades on site, digging, sweeping, moving heavy plaster boards and some demolition – always hard physical work in all weathers.

How did you come to work for Venture Contracts?

The project in Birmingham came to an end and I was labouring odd days here and there to get by, it was tough -  I then started working for Venture in the office to help out on the phones as they were so busy. I really enjoyed it, I got on well with the team and I could totally relate to the operatives calling in for work – it was great to be able to really understand their positions as I had been there myself and it felt good to help people find work!  Eventually my experience with Venture lead to being offered a full-time role resourcing. I have worked with the Directors of Venture for 5 years now, I have grown with the business and I am now Candidate Manager and responsible for a team of resourcers.

What is your current job role at Venture and what does it entail?

My role as Candidate Manager is to liaise with both clients and candidates to source the best suited operative for the placements called in to the Venture sales team, on a daily basis.

This involves calling through our regular tried and tested pool of candidates, or sourcing, registering and referencing new candidates to Venture. I also have a responsibility to ensure that all candidates are compliant, eligible to work in the UK, have valid CSCS/CPCS card to and adhere to the client required criteria.

What does your average day look like?

As Venture operate an early check in service, my day will start at 7.30am where I will call all of our new starters to ensure they have arrived at the site, safely and both the operative and client are happy.  If for whatever reason any of the operatives are “no shows” I will then work through the Venture reserve list and act quickly to get the operative on site and minimise any disruption to site.  Once the morning check-ins are complete, I work on the bookings for the next day – lots of phone calls, referencing, advertising, taking copy documents, availability checks, rate negotiations etc. I will call through suitable guys to see if they are available, if they are already working, I will make a note to contact them at their contract end date and endeavour to keep them in work.

What do you look for in an ideal candidate?

My ideal candidate is someone who is hard working and more importantly, honest and reliable. We at Venture practise – “never over promise and underdeliver”, we do not believe in a “ bums on seats” approach and can honestly say we would rather not supply at all than supply somebody unsuited or on a whim.

We have a fantastic pool of loyal operatives tried and tested across the UK that we endeavour to keep in a steady stream of assignments particularly through the winter months when things can be very difficult in construction recruitment – in return we are not short in responses when we may need a hand in the flat out summer months for weekend work or the odd one day Friday booking.

The most important and ideal attributes in any candidate/operative are...


  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Hard working
  • Conscientious
  • Loyal


Why do you love working for Venture?

It’s great to be able to say that I have been with Venture Contracts from the beginning and been able to grow in my role as the company does. What really makes Venture different is the culture, we are not “corporate”, there is a wonderful environment built from within – personalities are allowed to shine through, we very much function on banter, passion and determination – this is clear for all to see and embraced by clients and candidates a like.

I have seen many people join, shine and progress each adding their own contribution in their own way, Venture have put themselves firmly on the map in the Construction Recruitment world and I am excited to be part of its journey.