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Recruitment - what it looks like right now and how has it changed

over 2 years ago by Scott Barczewski



A phrase I have been using for just over 3 years now, and what a journey this period of my career has been!! With very minimal breathing space and having to adapt to the ever changing landscape, I thought I would take this time to reflect and give you a little insight to how things have been for me personally within the construction , recruitment sector of late and in my earlier days here at Venture Contracts.

It has been a bit of whirlwind since I started here at Venture 3 years ago with many obstacles in my path that I have needed to overcome. It really did feel like it was one thing after another, hindering my progression here with many factors preventing me from getting a good rhythm going. Every time I felt like I was moving forward something would come along and make it near enough impossible to build a successful desk, slightly exaggerating on this but I’m sure you can relate to that feeling when you feel like you go one step forward at 10 steps back.

Obviously, there was not a doubt in my mind that things would turn around eventually with persistence and hard work along with having a very supportive team around me.

I think when Brexit first become a topic of conversation it did have an effect on projects being delayed etc as there was a lot of uncertainty around it and how certain aspects of our industry would be affected. You could sense from both, clients and operatives that there was a lot of un-rest with very little being clarified of what would be implemented in the early stages which naturally begins the rumour mill turning of what would happen to our industry and our country. This then got batted back and forth for months on end which only continued to unsettle some businesses, understandably and obviously the contractors of whom it may have a massive effect on also. This increased our incoming calls with our contractors looking for more information and I would say created an element of panic. This is part of our job but did take a lot of time away from selling and filling which essentially is the core part of my job, that along with managing the accounts I have.

IR35 was very prevalent around this time, which too, had a huge impact on the industry in terms of how this would affect businesses and our contractors. I mean it is clear for all to see now and everyone has adapted and put actions in place, ensuring that all government legislations are followed and adhered to. More unrest on this was from our contractors who were/are a ltd company which was completely understandable.

Both of the above clearly coincided with what nobody could have predicted across the entire world, COVID. This delayed both Brexit and IR35, so you have the hattrick of hindrances right there.

If you look at it with a positive spin, I think after the aggravation of being furloughed and being away from your profession, it did give myself and my colleagues a chance to re-group. We have all come back stronger as individuals and as a team. We have stream lined our processes and are working smarter which has enhanced our rapid progression as a business.

I have many loyal clients who have shown their trust and faith in me which in turn I would like to think I have provided them with a good and honest service and developed and maintained our strong relationships. The pipeline looks good and healthy, with many new clients signing up with myself and Venture Contracts, so the future is bright.

It’s an old cliché but it is true what they say,

“the struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

Scott Barczewski

National Account Manager

T- 01604 805646

M: 07525 241938